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Anne Ake first heard the word “ecology” while in college, this new concept taught her to see the world as interlocking systems of relationships and has lead to a passionate interest in environmental conservation. As a college student, she read The Windward Road by Archie Carr.


The book describes the biologist’s rambles around the Caribbean in search of a place to start a sea turtle tagging and research program. It was this book that introduced her to Tortuguero. The village name was somehow magical and was filed away in the part of her brain reserved for special treasures.


Many years later, she met sea turtle biologist Larry Ogren. They worked together on several projects with the Friends of St Andrews State Park in Panama City, Florida, and Larry critiqued her book on the Everglades.


When Larry mentioned working the beaches of Tortuguero, the name still held the old magic and Anne knew it was time to go there. The first trip was just to see, but her interest prompted Larry to tell stories from the old days in Tortuguero and a book was born.


Anne has a passionate interest in conservation biology and is fascinated with the interlocking symbiotic relationships that make an ecosystem work. She expresses this passion through her writing and volunteer efforts with several organizations including Friends of St. Andrews State Park, Resource Management Association (RMA) and Bay Environmental Study Team (BEST).


The author worked for many years in marketing and community relations and continues to produce brochures and newsletters as part of her volunteer commitment to the community. With the assistance of her grandson, Tyler, she has turned her yard into a National Wildlife Federation certified backyard habitat which is host to many plants native to the Florida panhandle.


 Anne’s book Everglades: An Ecosystem Facing Choices and Challenges won a silver medal in the 2008 Florida Book Awards. The author took most of the 100 plus color photographs.


 She has written many magazine articles and four young-adult books: The Gorilla, The Apache, Hungary, and Austria. With her daughter, Anne published Cool Kidstuff, a regional children’s magazine, distributed through schools in the Florida Panhandle.


 Anne lives in Lynn Haven, Florida, and shares her home with three dogs and a cat, and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren who live nearby.